Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website to show up on the first page of Google and other popular search engines for keywords or key phrases that your potential customers are searching for.

When an individual wishes to book a hotel room in another city or a Country, he will land up to famous search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo on internet and enter their requirement. Generally he will click on the web sites that appear on top of the first page.

How is that you can display your site in the forefront and have maximum advertisement of your site. This can be achieved with the help of.

There are three elements involved in SEO :

Organic Search SEO :

Organic search keeps your website appearing on the search result pages for a long time because your website gives the search engines exactly what they want — relevancy.

Local Search SEO:

Local search search engine optimization techniques aim to get your name, website and business in front of the people that are most likely to use it – those that are physically located near it. This is like JUSTDIAL OR Yellow Pages. Hence local SEO in simple explanation: if you have a computer Sales shop in city potential customers will find your shop by searching locally by entering that city name.

Paid Search SEO:

Paid search engine optimization is buying top position on the result page of a search engine this is done by AdWords, this is termed as sponsored search results because advertisers have pre-paid campaigns with search engines that help promote their services or websites.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) :

SEM can be termed in simple terms as methods used to make Your website more visible on search engines so that more traffic can be diverted to your website. SEM is the combination of SEO and Pay Per Click. SEM can be helpful in marketing of Your website on the electronic media.


  • Increased visitors
  • Increased sales
  • Target traffic
  • Increased click-through rates

80% visitors don’t go beyond first or to a maximum they pass to second page of search. If you don’t have your website on page one then you will have low traffic to your website, which eventually affects your online business. Many good looking website ends up with no traffic because they lack search engine optimization. Hence Zest Studio has pioneers which will help and offer solutions at low cost and increase the ranking of your website and make sure you attract maximum online traffic.


SEO is the process of preparing your website or web page to improve visibility and presence online and maximize its performance in search engines. At WebHugh, our SEO process experts develop a custom made strategy and plan for each client depending on their product and target audience. Our team goes through the analysis of different elements and processes before recommending any change, addition or variation to the client, thereby increasing relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.
Here are the processes what we follow for SEO:

  • Step1: Website Site Analysis Report
  • Step2: Competition Analysis
  • Step3: Basic Keyword Research Identification & Analysis
  • Step4: Keyword Mapping
  • Step5: Preparation of detailed SEO Strategy and Plan
  • Step6: On page Implementations
  • Step7: Off page Implementations
  • Step8: Reports (Bi-weekly or Monthly)


The process of establishing ethical inbound links to a website making it receptive to search engines can be termed as link building. It improves the search engine ranking and drive targeted traffic to the website. Also, Link is a key for an effective SEO campaign. WebHugh understands that a quality link building from established sites can be time consuming and frustrating process. We use sophisticated link analysis to discover how pages are related to each other, and our ethical link building practices improve page ranking, keyword ranking and generate targeted traffic to the website.
Here are few of the link building practices we follow :

  • 1. One way link building
  • 2. Link Exchange
  • 3. Linking through blogs
  • 4. Create blogs
  • 5. Link wheel creation.


SEO content writing is a amalgamation of technical and creative writing, wherein we assimilate keywords in the content to improve the ranking through search engines without interrupting the flow of the content. The main purpose of SEO writing is to deliver contents that can communicate with the targeted audience and remain receptive to search engines.

datametrics offers you creative, well written, informative and keyword rich content to improve your online presence at affordable rates. We take pride in the fact that our team of content writers have unmatched technical expertise, a flawless language, and are specialist in the SEO domain. Without compromising on quality we promise to deliver you content, that will not only improve your online visibility, but add value to your site. Remember datametrics, while thinking of revenue through SEO and content.


Getting a good ranking in search engine is not an easy task to accomplish, with congested online traffic and new companies popping up every minute. On page optimization, involves SEO performed on a website and is a major factor associated with website promotion.

datametrics on page SEO team in collaboration with the research and analysis wing identifies the key elements important for on page optimization and works on it. Website structure, meta tags, content optimization, internal linking, sitemap creation, validations, head tags (H1 to H6), title attributes, image and hyperlink optimization are the major elements we focus. We understand that more than the content, it is the keywords that promote your ranking in search engines.


Off page optimization, is the work undertaken outside the website and is not usually visible to the onlooker but results in pushing search engine rankings. The better the off page optimization, the better the site performance in search engine rankings. datametrics strikes with link building, reduced server load time and content promotion as off page optimization techniques. Here, are few off-page optimization checklist listed by our SEO team :

  • Website Submission to Search Engines Manual
  • Website Submission to Directories Manual
  • Article Writing and Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Networking Profile Creation (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc...)
  • Blog Creation & Blog Posting
  • Building Links and Traffic Commenting on Related Blogs
  • Classified Ads Submission
  • Forum Participation
  • Press Release writing & Distribution


Keyword research is the process of determining the actual words people use when searching online. It is one of the basic and fundamental task for any SEO initiative.

datametrics understands and keeps a pulse check on its customers and their business. Our keyword research and analysis wing is up to date on its assessment of market economics and trends. They predict shifts in demand or change in market conditions enabling us to market only those products, services and contents which has a demand online. Search engine optimization through keyword research involves constant experimentation and improvement. The main aim of the keyword research is to :

  • 1. Identify the most common keywords used by customers.
  • 2. Identify keywords, which are search engine sensitive.
  • 3. Identify keywords, which can rank higher with SEO.
  • 4. Develop content based on popular terminology.
  • 5. Getting relevant traffic.
  • 6. Target the right audience.

In our endeavour to excel, we have our clients and their vision in mind.


SEO analysis is a methodology to rate the performance of a website with respect to its visibility and accessibility on the web through targeted keywords on search engines.

datametrics can boast to have a pool of analysts and engineers with unmatched professional credentials to take up the SEO challenge. These specialists do an in-depth study of the website and its various elements that include the website structure, loading efficiency, meta-tags, page contents, navigational structure, URL optimization, HTML, XML, Sitemaps, image optimization, user friendliness, search engine sensitivity, etc. The datametrics team also conducts a detailed study to generate a report which can highlight any barrier or hindrance for search engine optimization. The ultimate aim of the task is to identify the necessary changes to improve visibility and to remove any website indexing barriers. Also, we take some key steps to improve certain elements of the client's website architecture and design, thereby enabling the website to get indexed and increase the likelihood of a higher rank online. Finally, do approach us for a free website analysis and SEO review.

To ensure top positions of your website, our Search Engine Optimization tasks include:

  • Site traffic analysis
  • Page Rank and Domain age analysis
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Meta Tags creation and optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Video Optimization
  • Header Tags Optimization
  • Anchor Tag Optimization
  • Hyperlink Optimization
  • Optimize Cascading Style Sheets
  • HTML Code Structure Improvement
  • Navigation and File Structure Improvement
  • Broken links analysis & correction
  • Search engine friendly URL suggestion
  • Content Optimization
  • HTML Sitemap creation and optimization
  • XML Sitemap creation and submission
  • Page Load Analysis
  • 301 Redirect Analysis
  • 404 Error Optimization
  • Robots.txt file creation and optimization
  • Link building strategies
  • Google analytics integration
  • Yahoo / Bing webmaster setup
  • Press Release submission
  • Article submission
  • Directory submission
  • Blog submission
  • Pay Per Click

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