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Wireless Solutions

The addition of datametrics to our ranks has enabled us to become a global IT solutions provider leading the ‘off-shoring’ revolution with cutting-edge services that provide support and impetus to the mobile & wireless application development sector that has been dynamically growing during the last decade as users across the globe opt for 24/7 wireless connectivity.

Designing path-breaking and novel technology solutions in the wireless arena for Infrastructure Providers and Service Providers alike, datametrics reinforces its position as a wireless application development, mobile application development and IT services provider. datametrics’s insightful thought processes latched on to the fact that the Internet has and would continue to play an imperative role as a direct or indirect enabler of cutting-edge technologies across the Mobile & Wireless value chain. The three major components of Mobile & Wireless value chain are Service Providers, Infrastructure providers and Internet Companies.

Taking into consideration the growing trends towards wireless frameworks, datametrics has harnessed mobile technologies for diverse platforms like:

Iphone Applications

The recent iPhone revolution, that has elevated the cellular experience to an altogether new pedestal, has left many a development opportunities in its wake. With the iPhone application development market poised to break all known thresholds, we at datametrics have acquired the requisite expertise to stay on the crest of this cutting-edge technology wave. After the acquisition of the iPhone developer’s license, we have successfully designed and conceived applications for the iPhone Apps platform. One of our indigenous applications involves a Google icon placed on the iPhone which when clicked navigates the user to the Google websites. Another one of our innovative applications is wireless LAN based though which live sound can be transferred to iPhones installed with the Live sound software installed and falling within the range of the Wi-Fi router.

Blackberry/Rim Development

Blackberry is developed by Research In Motion (RIM). Blackberry has become a vital part of many corporate networks including IT, financial, travel and government networks. The major feature in the Blackberry platform is Real time Live Push alerts & its Browser based rich internet architecture. datametrics has the requisite expertise in Blackberry Application development and Black Berry software development.

A few examples of our work are:-

  • VOIP solutions for RIM phones
  • Expence management application
  • Messenger for mobile
  • Archive Solutions etc...

Android Applications

With the Android OS beginning to find its roots among the next generation mobile phones, its market is predicted to grow exponentially. Recognizing this potential and with an intent towards tapping this business opportunity we have developed applications for the Android platform. Android application development has been specially focused on to cater to the increasing demand. One such application is called VoiceExtension which allows use to record and transfer audio and video recordings on the go. With research indicating that the current market segment for Android phones to be only a sliver of the business pie that it would garner in the coming years, datametrics is all set to accept and complete challenges posed in this avenue. Android mobile application development expertise has added another feather to GMI’s cap.

Symbian OS

It’s the most common platform used in cellular phones across the globe. Symbian application and Symbian application development find favor with an extensive user base through out the world. datametrics has invested over 4 years in developing various applications for all Symbian versions and editions focused on:

  • Streaming Multimedia Content Distribution Over The Mobile Network
  • Bluetooth based mobile games for Symbian phones
  • Mobile messenger for 2nd edition phones
  • Complete call management system for 2nd edition phones
  • Secure SMS Send and Receive for Symbian Series 60 and UIQ Phones

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is a platform built to address the needs of business phones as it provides easy synchronization with PC. It’s a compact operating system combined with a suite of basic applications. Some of these applications support all versions of windows mobile, be it for Pocket PC or smart phones. Windows mobile applications and Windows mobile application development is one of the core areas of datametrics’s wireless expertise and includes:

  • Data-Sync Application on Win CE
  • Application Launcher development on POCKET PC 2002
  • SMS and MMS Client on POCKET PC 2002
  • Wireless Communications STACK which supports File, DB transfer and message broadcast
  • Retail Chain management system for PPC and sync with Desktop Apps.
  • Secure SMS Send and Receive for Smartphone 2000
  • Unified messaging system for POCKET PC 2003 and Smartphone with PC and Symbian Phones.
  • Smartphone and PC based LBS Systems

datametrics possess the requisite specialized expertise to develop customized telecommunication applications for PC as well as mobiles that provide extensive features like calling facilities from PC to mobile, PC to PC, PC to landline/PSTN, Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to Landline/PSTN. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) technology has been incorporated to transfer call along with the free call facility from PC to PC.

datametrics pushed its way into the wireless arena with the development of add-on applications for WAP portals and quickly matured into a skilled entity churning out successful stand alone applications for numerous online mobile communities.

The past few years have seen GMI establish supreme competency in undertaking extensive projects and successfully conceiving innovative solutions aimed at enhancing elevating the user experience. GMI has irrefutable credibility and experience in the mobile application development arena and excels at providing secure and scalable communications platform for mobile applications over Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN, GSM, 3G, SMS and MMS. This adds versatility and extensive market reach to the existing advantages of datametrics.

datametrics has ensured that its talent pool possesses cutting-edge technical know-how by mapping the competencies to the dynamics of the wireless arena. datametrics has concocted the right mix of wireless services which includes delivering innovative solutions to enhance the functionality of the mobile internet for service and infrastructure providers alike. datametrics, through its time tested and proven expertise in enhancing wireless web connectivity, has afforded enterprises with the ability to achieve networking breakthroughs that allow for large-scale mobile content distribution, high speed streaming of multimedia and innovative message publishing. datametrics synergizes its wireless networking offerings with mobile application development, integration and porting services across a range of platforms, in addition to performing disciplined quality assurance services.

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